I.C.E. Club


The ICE Club is for students who would like to go beyond the daily expectations of the daily curriculum to learn more about exciting topics. All you have to do is use the website attached to learn about the topic. When you have your answers, list them on a sheet of notebook paper, using the proper heading. Some exercises may require a printed sheet or for you to collect papers. You are responsible for this.


The ICE Club is a very challenging club. Students may complete the exercises beginning from the first day of school till the end of May. Therefore, ALL gifted and talented students (TAG students) must complete 85% of the exercises (47 items). All other students may complete as many as they can.



Students who would like to be a part of the ICE Club may use any extra time they have during the school day to research the exercises. AR goals must be met prior to any research. Research can also be done at home. As students complete exercises with mastery, they will be members in the following categories:


ICE Categories

Exercises Mastered

Basic Membership

1 – 10 exercises

Bronze Membership

11 – 22 exercises

Silver Membership

22 – 33 exercises

Gold Membership

34 – 47 exercises

Platinum Membership

48 – 55 exercises


Students who achieve Silver Membership will receive 3 Free Homework passes. Students who finish the Gold Membership requirements will receive another 3 Free Homework passes. Students who finish the Platinum Membership requirements will receive another 5 Free Homework passes.


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