My name is Marla Duron and am excited that you'd like to know more about me. Please contact me via email if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Personal Background

I grew up in the Kingsville/Ricardo area, the eldest in my family. My 3 brothers, sister & I were raised by parents in the little town of Ricardo. I am also the proud aunt of a 11 year old nephew & niece, 5 year old niece & a 23 month old nephew.  

I attended Kingsville ISD schools and then moved into the Ricardo ISD District. Since the time I was 5, I knew I was going to be a teacher. Some say its the influence of my father who taught with Alice ISD for 30 years. Some say it was my mother's influence. I think it's a little bit of both. But I have to give credit where it's due. My mother influenced my schooling. The standards she held for each of her children was the reason we have achieved so much. She is our family's anchor.

Education Background & Teaching Experience

I received my bachelor's degree in Interdiscplinary Studies (Grades 1-6) with an emphasis in Language Arts from Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TAMUK) in 2002. I then earned my Master's Degree in Counseling & Guidance also from Texas A&M University-Kingsville in 2005 and am a certified school counselor. Although I currently do not use my counseling degree to its fullest extent, I have found this degree has helped me interact with my students and parents more effectively.  

I will begin my 13th year of teaching this school year ('14-'15). I taught 1st grade with the Brooks County Independent School District for 2yrs. I have to give credit to the all the ladies I worked with at Lasater Primary School. They influenced me tremendously. They receive most of the credit to the type of teacher I became. (Thanks Ladies!)

This is my 11th year with the Ricardo Independent School District. I have been teaching 3rd grade during my time with RISD. I have to say I LOVE my job! I love teaching this age group. They inspire me to be my best at all times. I am surrounded by a great group of seasoned teachers. These teachers and their words have wisdom have helped me mold myself into a better teacher year after year.

My Philosophy

Like most, I believe all students can learn. My goal is to give my students an environment in which they are responsible for their learning, their behavior & their choices. I have high expectations for my students in all they attempt. It brings me joy when those expectations are met. It also gives the students a sense of accomplishment. I rarely have a student who rises to the occasion and pushes himself to strive for a personal best. I have an open door policy. Everyone is welcome in my classroom (with a school pass, of course) to observe anything from behavior to class lessons. I am well aware how much education is changing.



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Fun Facts

Favorite Colors:
all reds, pink, turquoise & black

Favorite Number:

Favorite Scent:
tropical, coconut

Favorite Animal:
all dogs

Favorite Snacks:
cashews, Snickers & peanut M&Ms

Favorite Drinks:
Dr. Pepper, Barq's Rootbeer, peach tea & sweet tea (from McD's)

Favorite School Supply:
Pens! Gel pens, colored pens, etc

More Fun Facts

Favorite Type of Food:
Italian & Chinese

Favorite Types of Movies:
Comedy & Romance

Favorite Movies:
The Notebook & Fools Rush In

Favorite TV Shows:
(I am a reality show junkie!!)
Dancing with the Stars, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Long Island Medium, The Voice

Favorite Hobbies:
Digital Photography & Jewelry Making




This is my family! 

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