Welcome students and parents to my website. I created this website to keep students, family and friends informed about what is going on in the classroom. Within my website, you will find information like our daily schedule, objectives for the week, websites for parents and websites for students. I will update my site as often as time will allow so please check back for more information.

Third grade is a transitional year. The students will transition from learning to read to reading to learn, as well as build their own independence. This year the students will put all the developmental skills into play.

Ricardo Elementary & Ricardo ISD are




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In creating this website, I have taken much time & effort to check and make sure all links are appropriate for all aged children. On occasion, some links may change and link to inappropriate websites. If this is the case at any time, please send me a message by selecting the "Contact Me" tab located at the top so I may fix the issue. Any advertisements or popups that may appear on this site are not endorsed by Ms. Duron or the Ricardo Independent School District. This site is NOT public domain. Please do not copy anything from this site. Please refer to the sites of the graphic artists. Thank you!






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